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Treatments and Prices

In order to provide all our clients the same outstanding service it is essential that you arrive a few minutes early for your appointment
for check in and polish selection, which then allows you to enjoy your full service time. more details
Not all services available in all locations. Please call your neighborhood Acute nails for details.
For pricing, please visit our Locations page and click on the price list for your local salon.


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Regular manicure _____________   $15

Deluxe manicure ______________  $20

French manicure ______________  $20

Gel manicure _________________  $25

Gel polish change _____________  $15



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Regular pedicure _____________ $20
Deluxe pedicure ______________ $45
French pedicure ______________ $25

Gel pedicure _________________ $35
Gel polish change _____________ $20
Mini pedicure ________________  $15

Foot Massage

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30 min. foot massage __________   $20
Scrub and foot massage ________  $25

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